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Tree Care and Landscape Maintenance

The term tree care covers a wide range of activities related to the care of trees. They include tree removal, tree trimming, pruning, and felling/whittling. They are all related to tree care specialists. It is also possible for people who have an interest in these activities to earn a living out of them. This is possible through employment with tree care companies. Many tree care specialists advertise their services online.

Tree Care

Thinning is one of the major activities of tree care. In this process, the branches of the tree are pruned to remove dead and weak parts. Whole tree care experts perform pruning and they also make use of new cutting techniques for tree risk assessment and management standard implementation. Thinning helps in improving the aesthetics of the surroundings. It also increases tree vigour and keeps it healthy.

Pruning also improves tree health. It helps in the proper management and control of the growth rates of the trees. Effective pruning techniques and tree care services make the landscape beautiful and add to its overall value.

Arborists form an important part of the tree care team. The arborist’s job is to provide accurate information about the health of trees and the pruning of limbs. A tree care arborist must be certified in the relevant field. An arborist’s knowledge and experience in tree care, tree removal, and the requirements for arborist certification are essential requirements for employment.


For landscape purposes, several approaches can be taken for tree care. One of them is tree care that uses mechanical pruning. Mechanical pruning helps in improving the look of the entire landscape. There are three methods used for mechanical pruning. One is planter pruning, the second is branch pruning and the third is removal branch pruning. Mechanical pruning enhances the overall beauty of the tree by removing unwanted tree growths.

tree care

Another method of tree care involves the removal of dead trees from the landscape. Experts of arborist specialize in this process. The tree is first to cut into smaller pieces. After pruning, the tree is set at a different location. Experts of tree care never attempt to mechanically remove the live tree from the location.

Experts of tree care also remove any branches, buds or leaves that are growing out of the tree. They also remove diseased or damaged leaves and branches. These trees are also sold in the market as scrap timber. However, this practice of tree removal goes against the industry standard because most of the people who purchase this material do not understand the fact that this material is never used again. Therefore, these trees are sold in the market and often end up as firewood. In such cases, tree removal can be considered cosmetic damage to the consumer.


Tree care has become extremely important today. People are more concerned about the environmental pollution caused due to tree felling and tree removal. Savate has replaced the traditional landscape of the Thar Desert with lush green landscapes of Ayurveda sanctuary. It has also provided opportunities to extend the use of trees in landscape designing. Most of the modern architects consider the landscape of Ayurveda sanctuary as an art form.

Savate is a perfect combination of organic care and technical advancements. Its popularity is increasing because of its long-lasting and cost-effective results. There are many other advantages of organic and eco-friendly landscape design and tree care. Organic care aims to balance the ecosystem and keep it intact.

A certified arborist ensures that the trees are properly pruned. This is done by trimming branches that go beyond the normal limits. This makes the tree less susceptible to damage from severe weather conditions. Organic management of trees ensures that they grow naturally without polluting the environment.

Before undertaking any tree care activity, you should check tree health regularly. This includes checking if there is an infection in the limbs, branches and foliage. You should never attempt to prune trees near power lines. This is because high voltage power lines can easily kill a tree or damage its delicate leaves. You should never trim trees near power lines without the help of a trained arborist.